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Puerto Vallarta

Maxico City

Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta has some of the BEST seafood I have tried anywhere in the world and this tour is dedicated entirely to fresh-caught seafood prepared the authentic way. This is both a culinary and cultural food tour and you get to experience some of the best seafood spots in Old Town Vallarta! The tour costs only $56 USD per person, lasts 3.5hrs and runs Mon, Thurs and Sat. The 3.5 hour guided tour starts off in the historic Old Town, stops in the market, pier and Muertos Beach-allowing you to explore the best seafood Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Seafood is a centerpiece of Mexican culture, with influences from Aztec, Mayan, Toltec, Spanish, and French cuisine. Your local expert guide will share the beauty of the local history, stunning architecture, breathtaking nature and unique culture. Explore some of the off-the-beating path restaurants you might not find on your own and tasting includes, a stuffed jalapeno taco, fresh ceviche, grilled calamari, fried octopus, aguachile, shrimp tostada and fish. The tour departs at 12 noon and if you like seafood THIS IS the tour for you!!!

Location: Puerto Vallarta
Price: $56 pp
Time: 3.5 hrs


The experience costs $49 USD per person, lasts 4hrs, runs 7 days a week and is an amazing way to experience PV! It is in a unique setting in the mountains, located just 25 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. Here you can enjoy a full day of peaceful nature or combine it with pure adrenaline hiking and flying on the Kali ZipLine ecological park through 10 fascinating lines, adventure, speed and an unforgettable view of the entire Bay surrounding Puerto Vallarta tip to tip from the highest mountain. Ending with a landing near the river, you can swim in. After the canopy tour, you can go to the riverside restaurant for a beer or margarita, swim in the river, or take a nature walk along its banks and soak in the natural beauty of the location.

Location: Puerto Vallarta
Prices from: $49 pp
Time: 3.5 hrs

Mexico City

México City

The tour takes place in Roma, which is my favourite part of the city, costs $95 USD per person, lasts 3.5 hrs and there are 7 places included. In the 7 places where you will taste some of the best varieties of food that Roma has to offer; delicious fish tacos, awesome contemporary dishes, tasty tamales, creative signature cuisine, Mexican wine, craft beer, mezcal, and unique Mexican coffee brewed by baristas. The tour is with a real local expert and you will see the stunning architecture of the mansions and buildings, the lovely squares and fountains, while you learn about the history of the local area. It is with a small group of 10 people max, it also includes alcohol and you cover around 3k on this walking food tour.

Location: Mexico City
Price: $95 pp
Time: 3.5 hr


The tour lasts for 8 hrs, runs Mon, Weds, Fri and only costs $46 USD per person. The price includes transportation, entrance to the site and an expert local guide all day. You get to see the tallest pyramids in Mexico, only 50 km away of Mexico City. Teotihuacan was built by one of the most fascinating civilisations of the ancient era. Also, you will see hidden places, climb the temples of the Sun and the Moon and see some amazing architecture including; Pirámide dedicada a Quetzatcoatl, Pirámide del Sol, Pirámide de la Luna, Palacio de Quetzalpapalotl and much more! Food and drinks are not supplied on the tour – so it is advised you bring your own.

Location: Mexico
Price: $46 pp
Time: 8 hr