Toronto food markets and food tours are amazing! It is a very diverse city and one of my favourites in Canada – as it has so much to offer including the international food and nightlife with very friendly people and hospitality.

Toronto weather can be harsh – as I have been in all 4 seasons and I’d recommend spring or fall – as the summers are really humid and the extreme cold and snow in the Toronto winter weather can be a bit unbearable after a while – but entirely up to you and what you are used to I guess.

Is Toronto expensive??? As a Brit making sterling I think everything is affordable and Americans will probably also agree. Toronto has a smaller New York feel to it and with only around 3 million population it’s not too busy or overcrowded everywhere you go and has an American feel to it – but with a strong British influence as well and it’s the best of both world’s for me, because of this.

Visiting St Lawrence Market restaurants are a must and Greektown in Toronto is on ‘Danforth Avenue’ and has wonderful authentic Greek food and alcohol, if you are looking for the best restaurants and bars in Toronto.

Toronto bars closing times are like most of Canada and the majority of them close around 2 am.

Toronto Island ferry tickets are cheap and are very fast/frequent! Niagara Falls from Toronto is less than 2hrs by bus and both are really easy to do in a day if you are looking for the best things to do in Toronto.

There are so many different areas you should see in the city and I hope the experiences I recommend will help with that.

(I’d recommend 5-7 nights stay)