Below you will have everything from British passport renewal, British passport application and new British passport photo in 2023…

From our online research the results showed that 91% of respondents received their passports within 3 weeks, with over half of them receiving their adult passport within just 2 weeks. There is even a chance that your passport could arrive in as little as a week, with 18% of respondents reported receiving theirs within this timeframe.

When you Google it, it shows this “The renewal process currently takes around 10 weeks, though this can fluctuate. If you’re currently outside the UK, you’ll need to use a separate application form to renew your passport.”

This is how it worked play by play below:

Wednesday Oct 18th afternoon, we started the research looking at the Post Office ‘passport check and send’ being the fastest option. We booked an appointment the next day and it only took 15 minutes. We got a notification Wed, Oct 25, 2:37 PM (3 days ago) stating “Passport application approved” then another Thu, Oct 26, 5:19 AM (2 days ago) “Your new passport has been printed” and then the passport arrived Fri Oct 27th before noon.

SO ONLY 6 BUSINESS DAYS TOTAL!!! for an extra £6

The whole process is £98.50 and the photo is included. So for an extra £6 you know the picture will get accepted, as they approve it there and then in front of you and this has clearly fast-tracked it, as passport pics on average cost £10 in 2023.


Let us know how long yours takes and HAPPY TRAVELS…