I have not visited Edinburgh in almost 3 years and I used to go 2/3 per year on business and leisure. I have now been up there over 10 times – but this was the best experience yet. I did 2 awesome day trips, and a bar crawl – so I was only there 3 nights and it felt like 3 weeks because I did so much haha! I provided links at the bottom of the page ‘Places-2-stay’ and ‘UK Experiences’ if you are searching for the best places to stay in Edinburgh, or the best things to do in Scotland 🙂

If you are looking for an Edinburgh weekend away, it has a big city feel to it – but with only around 500k population it is more like a big town really compared to London – so not too busy and you can get in a lot more places of interest in Edinburgh easily. I prefer the old town and the best pubs on The Royal Mile always have a big buzz about them no matter when you go and everywhere is pretty much walkable, if you stay in a hotel in Edinburgh city centre.

Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the UK – as you will see from the experiences below and I would even recommend hiring a car or joining one of the tours I did to Glencoe. It is a very beautiful part of Scotland where the highlands begin and one of the best places in Scotland for Instagram shots too.

(I’d recommend 2-4 nights stay)