YES IT IS! Is there any point visiting LA on a budget??? YES, THERE IS!

We booked a return flight with BA for £436 DIRECT and there was even drinks and Xmas dinner included aboard. Checked luggage is £65 per bag up to 23 kg! Do BA go off luggage size OR weight??? British Airways go off the weight and not size. Our suitcase was HUGE and weighed in exactly 23 kg so was fine. 1 small suitcase and backpack is STILL FREE!

If you stay in Hollywood you can take an Uber from the airport for $55 and it takes roughly 1.5 hours. You need to take a shuttle to where the Uber’s are and that takes approx 10 mins once you are aboard. There are plenty of options for ‘co-living’ if you are staying a while and they cost approx $1200 (£1000) per month. You have to share a kitchen and bathroom though. So probably not the best if you are short on time!

Runyon Canyon is a great place to hike and the entrance is only around 10 mins from Hollywood Boulevard and you can get amazing views at sunrise and sunset! This is the place that all the breath-taking pics of LA were taken and you are also surrounded by celebrities homes. If you are staying a while, it is great for peace and quiet if you get up early enough! There are running routes that are safe too.

For you Brits wanting to watch sports, US bar staff may look at you like you are crazy if you want to watch a fight on PPV or a big football (soccer) game BTW, because of the 8 hr time difference and it costs them thousands of dollars to show them (apparently). I found a cool place called “Dave and Busters” where I watched things for FREE and they do pretty good food too. You can get a T-Mobile sim card for $25 per month, including 5GB of data and unlimited calls/texts to US numbers.

HAPPY TRAVELS and LMK if you gooooo :))))