I have spent over a decade living and working in London, I have stayed on all 4 sides of the famous River Thames and I know the city well now.

If you are looking for cool stays in the UK, London is for you! There is something for everyone and I didn’t really realise this until I started travelling so frequently – but we have our own very rich culture in the capital.

You may already have in mind to do some of the super touristy experiences and visit some areas that can be found simply on google – but there are so many more places, with a lot more authentic experiences to be had whilst you’re in town, If you can see the best places of interest in East London…

Also, the rumours about London are very true and it is expensive, not San Fran prices yet, but getting that way if you wanted to tip lol! That is why I wanted to recommend different parts of the city and unique experiences in London that you may never have even have thought of whilst you’re visiting the biggest and in my opinion the best city in the UK!

(I’d recommend 5-7 nights stay)