Los Angeles weather has been great most of the times I have visited (in all 4 seasons), but I did experience ‘June gloom’ once. It is an amazing city if you have the budget for it – as so many things are available once you’re there.

Is LA safe?? each time has been different, but I thought it was safe YES. I’d recommend staying in Hollywood if you are looking for the best places for Instagram shots in LA.

Hermosa beach restaurants were all pretty good, if you are looking for cool stays in California with a more chilled out beach surfer vibe. You could easily stay in a different part of the city each night and get different experiences. I was blown away about how big the city is even compared to London!!!

Runyon Canyon Park is one of the best places to hike in LA and you may even see a few celebrities training there too. Also, Griffith’s observatory tickets are FREE and it is a great place to get a decent view of the city.

Is LA expensive… it certainly can be and as I say it is such a big city with so many options, so hopefully the experiences I have handpicked, help narrow it down for you!

(I’d recommend staying 3-5 nights)