Is Mexico City safe… I did not have any issues and Uber’s are very affordable to get around! It is a very multicultural place and has a very European vibe as well from the architecture, to the food.

Is Mexico City worth visiting… YES, it has amazing history, art and culture for a very affordable price! Once you have paid for the flight everything else costs a lot less including the accommodation. Mexico City hotels are good value for money!

Do they speak English in Mexico??? You will need a moderate understanding of Spanish at least to get by. As a language lazy Brit, I really struggled whilst I was there. I would recommend staying in ‘Roma’ as it seemed very safe, there are some of the best restaurants in Mexico City too.

The Mexico City population is around 22 M and I was blown away with the size of the city, how tasty and cheap the food was pretty much everywhere I went. If you are looking for the best things to do in Mexico City, you should do a free Mezcal tasting and there are plenty of beautiful parks and fountains in the Roma area as well 🙂

*Mexico City museums are free on Sunday’s but get HUGE ques, so go early!!!

(I’d recommend staying 3-5 nights)