Montreal nightlife has a good reputation and It does NOT disappoint from the times I’ve been there either! Montreal bars and clubs are open until around 3am.

Do people speak English in Montreal??? YES, and the Montreal food scene was like being back in Europe after months away. There is a very strong French culture and the majority of people speak English well too.

Montreal downtown hotels are the best places to stay, the architecture is also very European and even some of the Montreal subway stops in the downtown area are designed just like Paris as well, which was really cool to see!

If you are looking for the best bars and restaurants in Montreal, ‘Mile end’ restaurants are awesome for food and it has some amazing bars/clubs around there too. Also, if you’re there in spring/summer ‘Beachclub Montreal’ is the largest outdoor club in North America and I have had some amazing times there!

Is Montreal expensive… I don’t think the city is as expensive as Toronto and Vancouver no, if you are looking for the best places to stay in Canada.

(I’d recommend staying 3-5 nights)