Vegas holidays for me are just like what you see on TV! Is Vegas expensive… YES, but even if you don’t have a big budget for it, you should definitely still go for a night or two, just to experience it once in your life!

Walking through the Vegas hotels, playing penny slots to get FREE drinks are worth it alone and I have been on a budget a few times and still had a great time I promise you.

Is Vegas worth it… YES, and you should stay on the Vegas strip even if it costs a bit more – as you will save SO much time and effort walking around in that desert heat. Vegas nightlife is probably the best anywhere I have been! Vegas bars and restaurants are next level and always very popular!

If you’re into photography, Vegas is one of the best places for Instagram shots in the USA. It’s an ideal stop if you’re heading to the Grand Canyon as well, even if it’s just for the night. Vegas to the Grand Canyon by car was just over a 2 hrs.

Vegas is the most expensive place I’ve been to – but probably the most fun and the experiences I handpicked should help you make the most of everything. Please see Vegas to Grand Canyon tours options below…

(I’d recommend staying 2-4 nights)