Save time and money and just join the Las Vegas Club Crawl, if you guys and girls are visiting for a special occasion, they will take great care of you!!! I even went solo and had an amazing time…

LA Epic Club Crawl Las Vegas is the #1 Las Vegas’ party bus tour! Since 2013, LA Epic Club Crawls have provided the ultimate night out, getting you VIP access to see the best Las Vegas nightclubs, Las Vegas pool parties, and Fremont Street venues. 

You visit 3 venues and receive a free shot at the first place and get FREE DRINKS on the party bus. Que skip is important as well especially if you are a group of dudes, as you will pay SO MUCH to get in, or if they even let you in at all without a reservation. We went to ‘Hakkasan Nightclub’ and the entry alone would have been $60.00 for females and $99.00 for males, with Tax $17.82 and Surcharge $39.60 more for x2 tickets Total: $255.42.

I went back with my mate after being ringside at the fight and they would not even humour us the next night haha!

Do the Maths, It’s only $69-$79 for the crawl + FREE ENTRY/DRINKS, VIP host, que skip and party bus to get to the club, or risk spending hundreds and not getting in at all…

(Make sure you dress to impress and are prepared to pay up to $25 for a drink).

P.S You Brits and Aussies make sure you keep $20 for the end of the night to tip your host, as it may not be a part of our cultures, but it is certainly apart of the USA! TY once again Vanessa 🙂

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