York tends to get overlooked by a lot of people that travel to the UK – but it has so much to offer for both domestic and international travellers! As well as travel couple’s, groups and backpackers!

It’s only 2.5 hrs by train from London to York and it’s a decent stop, if you are heading from London to Edinburgh on your travels as well.

The City Of York has had Roman and Viking influence’s and the famous York city walls still surround it. You can even take a walk on them for some picturesque views of the city, for the best Instagram shots in York.

York did not follow the industrial revolution like a lot of cities did in northern England and stood by the production of confectionery and as a result, there are loads of quirky sweets and chocolate shops available pretty much everywhere you go.

York city centre has so much history – but also a lot of bars, restaurants and shops. It is also one of the top cities in the UK for pubs per square mile too.

The good news is that York is a lot more affordable than London and Edinburgh as well and the experiences I have handpicked below should reflect that too.

(I’d recommend 1-2 nights stay)